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Create a subscription
Create a subscription
Your app fully automates invoicing with the help of subscriptions.
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A subscription defines a dynamic, ongoing relationship between you and your customers.

Subscriptions allow you to:

  • Keep track of active plans.

  • Automate invoicing for individual users and companies.

  • Permit users to include usage-based expenses in an upcoming invoice.

  • Automate add-ons (recurring invoice items).

  • Grant and remove Kisi's door access.

  • Grant and remove SALTO KS door access.

  • Convert the main currency into the alternative on a regular basis.

You can also learn how to set up invoicing and payments in our YouTube video.

How to create a subscription?

  1. Go to Locations > Community > select a user or a company. If it's a company, select the company manager.

  2. Open the profile and locate the "Subscription" section, and press Create.

Configure the subscription:

  • Plan — select a preliminary created plan from the drop-down list or type plan details from scratch.

  • Start — starting the day when the plan will come into effect.

  • Renewal — choose whether the plan repeats forever, for several cycles, or repeats never.

  • Create Add-on — add multiple itemized recurring charges.

  • Expiring credits — manage the amount of expiring credits.

  • Discounts — tap on the > sign and set the discount percentage for the necessary app content.

  • Pay with Invoice — tap on the > sign to manage which services your users can buy with the invoice.

  • Access — tap on the > sign to grant access to a specific Kisi or SALTO KS group for as long as a plan is active.

3. After configuring the subscription click Create.

How subscriptions work:

  1. The first invoice arrives with the plan start date. All future invoices are received automatically. If you want to send the invoice earlier, you can issue it on the Locations > Community > user/company profile > Invoices page.

  2. Your users are self-sufficient and can view, and pay for their invoices on the Locations > Membership > Invoices page.

  3. Administrators can always track the invoices paid and unpaid on Community > select user/company > Invoices page or with custom reports.

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