Manage company settings
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Administrators and company managers can manage the settings of the company.


Administrators can edit invoicing-related company properties, including:

To make changes to a company, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Community > select a company.

  • Press Edit top right > make necessary changes.

  • Tap Save.

Company Managers

Company managers can edit their company's invoicing details, email, and invoice spending options.

To do that, company managers follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Membership > Settings.

  2. Make changes. All changes are auto-saved after you leave this page.

Spending Options:

If the "Company Invoice" as a payment method is enabled in the plan by the administrator, the company manager can manage how company members use it. For example, the company manager decides what company members can purchase by including it in the invoice. Company invoice spending options are the following:

  • Credits

  • Desk Booking

  • Event

  • Room Booking

  • Shop

💡 The setting applies only to company members (not managers). Changes made by location administrators are visible to company managers.

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