Manage company payment method permissions
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Your company managers can manage who can use a company payment method (e.g., card, bank account). It is useful when company managers want to restrict the use of a company payment method only to purchase certain products like credits or bookings.

Manage Permissions

As a prerequisite, the company must have a company manager assigned. To permit the usage of the payment method, a company manager needs to do the following:

  1. Go to Membership > Payments (under their company name).

  2. Press (...) next to a payment method > Edit.

  3. Set appropriate permissions for each category:

    β€” "Company Managers" β€” only company managers can use the payment method for selected app content.

    β€” "Company Members" β€” company managers and members can pay with this payment method for selected app content.

  4. Press Save.

πŸ’‘ Permissions can be set for every payment method independently. Company managers can change permissions at any time or delete payment methods.

Use a Company Payment Method

The payment method will appear in the "Payment" section throughout the app according to the permissions. The list of transactions made with a company payment method can be found on the company's Payments > Transactions page.

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