How to use credits
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Credits are an internal currency inside your app that you can use to sell any resources to your users.

You can easily combine the monetary price with your credits system. We recommend: 1 ☆ = 1 monetary unit.

What you can sell for credits:

  • Rooms

  • Desks

  • Event tickets

  • Products in Shop

How to enable the credits:

  1. Navigate to Locations > Settings > General.

  2. Turn on "Credits".

💡 If credits are money in your app, then you can also discount prices in credits. To do so, enable the "Discount" value on the Settings page. With "Discount" turned on, all discounts you set in a plan will apply to both monetary and credit prices.

How to get the credits:

Both users and companies can get the credits. There are two ways how to do it:

  1. Credits are given by the administrator: upon a membership plan or by manual assignment: Community > pick a user/a company > Credits page > Give.

  2. Credits are given upon purchase: users can buy the credit options on the Membership > Credits page. Sell credits

Your app has two different types of credits: expiring and permanent. Expiring credits are given according to the membership plan and can be used only during the plan period. Permanent credits can be used at any time, assigned by the administrator, or bought along with credit options. An administrator can give or deduct the permanent or expiring credits at any time on the Community page.

Use Cases

There are multiple use cases of a credit system for your business. For example:

Free hours in Meeting Rooms

Use credits as a negotiation instrument. Instead of giving a permanent discount on Rooms, you can offer your users a few booking hours for free each month. You can make the price in credits to your meeting rooms and assign necessary credits according to the membership plan. Once your users receive the credits, they can see the "Personal Credits" or "Company Credits" payment method upon making a booking. Once they use up free credits, they can continue paying you with a card.

Check-In for Day Passes

It's common to have day passes that allow you to visit the space several times per week or month. Use Desks to let your users "check in" by booking a desk with credits upon arrival. Enable the price in credits to your desks and assign necessary credits according to the membership plan. Users simply go to Desks and pay in credits.

Event Tickets for Members

While external users can pay with money, you can allow your members to apply for events by paying with credits. Create an event, choose "Purchase" in the "Application Type," and specify the price in credits.

Sell Products

Accept cashless and cardless payments with credits for any product you create: sell food, drinks, merch, etc. To enable it, just create a product and choose "Purchase" in the "Application Type" > specify the price in credits.

Give credits instead of the refund

If your users request a refund on the monetary transaction in your app, suggest they accept the exact equivalent in permanent credits to keep on their balance. This way, you retain your users and allow them to keep credits for future payments in your app. Administrators can always add permanent credits via Community > user/company's profile > Credits page.


  • The credits spent on specific resources in your app can be auto-refunded according to the refund settings in your app.

  • Since the credit system exists only inside your app, only invited users can get the credits and use them as a payment method.

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