Refund a transaction
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Your app allows two ways to refund a transaction: manual and automatic.

Payment Method

Automatic Refund


Room bookings
Desk bookings
Event tickets

KakaoPay payments

Room bookings
Event tickets

Other payment gateways



Your customers receive an automatic refund of their credit transactions and payments made with KakaoPay.

Automatic refund applies only to room bookings and event tickets canceled according to your settings of "Rescheduling Policy" and "Refund Policy" in the app.


Administrators refund monetary transactions via the payment gateway dashboard if you have Stripe, WayForPay, or Mercado Pago connected.

How your customers receive a refund:

1. App users open a room booking or an event ticket via the Account page.

2. After deleting the booking or canceling the event ticket, the app notifies how the refund is processed (automatically or manually).

3. The credits or money are returned to the balance only if an automatic refund is possible.

๐Ÿ’ก If you want to be notified when your customers delete a booking or cancel an event ticket to issue a refund, we recommend setting up relevant alerts on the Notifications page.

๐Ÿ’ก Consider using credits as a payment method and a great retention tool. Credit refunds are automatic and do not incur any fees. Credits can be used as a payment method for rooms, desks, events, and shop.

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