Give a discount
Giving discounts to your users allows you to offer lower prices for app products for your Community.
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You can issue a discount for users and companies in a subscription.

Discount types

  • Money (payments made with card, wallet, invoices)

  • Credits (payments made with a company or personal credits)

Giving a discount

1. Set prices for your services in the app at full nonmember prices.

2. If you need a discount to apply on credit prices, go to Locations > Settings > General > enable "Discount."

3. Go to Locations > Community > tap (...) menu top right and select "Plans" > open a plan and include necessary discounts. Users get a discount if you include the plan in a subscription.


  • Discounts apply to relevant prices across all locations.

  • A more significant discount applies if a user has two subscriptions (personal and company).

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