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Add a floor plan
Add a floor plan
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Upload a floor map to let customers locate amenities in your space.

Cover Photo

Include a floor plan on the desk's cover photo:

  1. Go to the Desks > add a new desk or edit an existing one.

  2. Upload the image of your floor plan as a cover photo. Understand media formats


Share a link to a floor plan in the desk description:

  1. Upload your floor plan to Google Drive or any other public storage.

  2. Go to Desks > add a new desk or edit an existing one.

  3. Paste a link from your storage with a floor plan to the description field.

Your customers click on a link from the description and see the floor plan in a pop-up window.

Location Guides

Create a collection of your floor plans on the Information page:

  1. Go to Information > create a new location guide. Make sure to add a relevant title and description and upload a floor plan image or video.

  2. To make the guide about the floor plan visible to everyone, set the guide's visibility to "Public." Understand and use visibility settings

Copy the link of your guide with a floor plan and share it with people—this way, your customers can quickly check out what the space looks like, reviewing everything on one page.

Whether you include a floor plan or not, providing an indoor navigation experience is essential for a seamless customer journey. It may be challenging for some people to use your map on a smartphone. Most of your regulars already have a favorite spot and don't need a map. To help new customers navigate the space, include labels and navigation signs around the space.

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