How users sign up for plans
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Members and nonmembers can subscribe to membership plans through your apps. To enable this, first, configure sign-up for plans.

How nonmembers sign up

Non-members go to your web or mobile apps, press the Sign Up button next to the desired location, select the available plan, the starting date, and pay.

💡 Use the "Share" button on a plan to copy the direct sign-up link and share it on your marketing website and social media.

Users can enable the "Renewal" option to have their subscription renewed automatically. If the "Renewal" option is disabled, the subscription will end after the plan period is over (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.).

Users can sign up as individual members as well as companies.

  • Users that sign up as individual members are instantly approved upon successful payment and appear in Locations > Community > Members.

  • For users that choose "I'm purchasing as a business", the following happens:

    • Users appear in Locations > Community > Members as members.

    • A company is created with the specified name.

    • The member is assigned as a "Manager" of the company.

Once the subscription starts, people get all the plan benefits, including credits, Kisi or SALTO KS access to unlock doors, and Wi-Fi.

Location administrators receive a tracking notification each time someone signs up for a plan.

Once new users signed up, make sure to onboard and activate them properly.

How members sign up

Members and company managers wishing to start a new subscription can go to Locations > Memberships > Subscription and continue with the payment.

Only members and companies without a subscription can sign up for plans.

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