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Create QR codes for booking and sign-up
Create QR codes for booking and sign-up

Generate QR codes to help your customers quickly access Rooms, Desks, plan sign-up, and many more.

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Promoting your coworking space must be simple, which brings you better member engagement and more plan sign-ups from new customers. You can use a solution for selling your services with QR codes for the app in three simple steps.

Learn how to use these recommendations and many more to onboard and activate your members better in our YouTube video.

Copy the URL from the app

You can generate QR codes for the particular app page or for the unique products in your app.

  • Open your web app and copy the link from the browser to the whole page (Rooms, Desks, Events, Support).

  • If you want to share a specific room, desk, plan, Shop product, etc, tap on this resource to make a booking and copy a link by pressing a Share button top right.

Use public visibility in your app, so all members and non-members can access the necessary resources by scanning the QR code.

We recommend you copy the links to the following resources:

  • Room's calendar: go to Locations > Rooms page > select a room > tap the Share button top right.

  • Daily hot desk booking page: go to Locations > Desks page > tap on any desk to book > tap the Share button top right.

  • Events, and Support pages: go to Locations > select the necessary page > copy the link from your browser's URL bar.

  • Plan sign-up: go to Locations > Community > Plans > configure plan sign-up > save the change > press View button and copy a link with a Share button top right.

  • Mobile apps: go to Network Settings > Mobile Apps > copy the links to your apps from App Store and Google Play.

Generate QR codes

  1. Once the necessary links are selected, convert them into QR codes using any free QR code generator. For example, the QR-code generator by Adobe.

  2. Customize your QR codes and add the call-to-action text on them. For example, "Book a room" for the QR code to the particular room, "Download the app" for the QR code to mobile apps, "Sign-up for a plan," etc.

  3. Print QR codes and use them as part of your stickers, posters, or brochure design to promote your space.

Place the QR codes

Distribute your QR codes around the space to help members find the necessary app content easier when needed.

We recommend you put the QR codes in the following place of your location:

  • Reception - QR codes to download the mobile apps and sign-up for a plan.

  • Rooms - QR code to book the specific room.

  • Open Space area - QR codes linking to the Support page in case your customers need help.

  • Kitchen - QR code for the Shop page allows customers to order products.


Will the web or mobile app open after scanning the QR code?

Depending on how the URL is generated, a specific app will open. If the QR code is generated from the web app URL copied from the browser, only a web app will open on any device. However, if the link from the "Share" button is used for the QR code, then the behavior upon scanning will depend on the device, app availability, and configuration.

  • If users have the mobile app installed on their device, it will be opened after scanning the QR code and following the link.

  • If no mobile app is installed, the web app will be opened.

  • If someone has the progressive web app installed on their device, it will be opened.

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