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Share and upload users' contracts
Share and upload users' contracts
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It often happens when you need to upload the agreement which all coworking space users must sign, or attach the user's individual contract. Your app covers the following use cases:

  • Uploading the general agreement which all app users must sign.

  • Sharing the link to the contract with your customer.

  • Uploading a copy of the individual contract and sharing it with your team.

Upload the general agreement

If you require all your app users to agree to the general rules in the space, add this text to the Terms of Use. When any new app user joins the app, they sign your Terms of Use, and cannot proceed further without this step.

Your users will be able to view the agreement in the Terms of Use at any time and accept it upon joining the app.

Share the link to the contract

Use in-built Chats in your app to send the links for your users to e-sign the contract through your app. They can open this link from the app, add a signature online and communicate with you about it in a single chat.

Upload a copy of the contract

To keep individual contracts attached to certain users' profiles in your app, use the "Notes" field:

  1. Copy a link to the e-contract of your customer.

  2. Go to Community > select user/company.

  3. Locate the "Notes" section and add the link to the contract there. The change will be auto-saved.

  4. The link to the contract will become visible to the administrators only, and you can view the contract details from the user's/company's profile immediately.

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