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Import invoices into the accounting app
Import invoices into the accounting app
Use andcards custom reports to easily upload all payments to QuickBooks, Xero, and any other app
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To properly handle payments in your app, you should reconcile them for accounting purposes. Use andcards' custom reports to export the required payment information in CSV for upload into any accounting software.

Export the payment data

Use custom reports to download the necessary information from your app.

Report Type


Report Usage


For uploading all successful monetary payments for all purchases in the app.

Download the report only per the "Money" transactions type and filter the data by "Paid" status.

"Invoice Items"

For uploading all successful payments for different invoice items.

Filter the report only by the invoice payment date, and use only these invoice items as the ones successfully paid.

Import data to the accounting app

  1. Log in to your app as an administrator and create a custom report.

  2. Download the CSV file from the app and modify it to meet the requirements of your accounting software.

  3. Import the modified CSV file into your accounting software.

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