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Handle mail and packages
Handle mail and packages
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Managing mail and package delivery can be a daunting task, especially for administrators who receive high volumes of mail at their reception desk. However, with the help of our app, you can efficiently organize your mail delivery process through our user-friendly ticket system in Support.

How delivery works

Step 1. The administrator submits a ticket on mail pick-up.

Step 2. The user receives the notification and takes the parcel.

Step 3. The user replies through the ticket that the mail is received.

Step 4. Done! The administrator resolved the ticket.


  • Invite your virtual mail members as users to your location.

  • Enable Support.

Manage delivery

  1. Log in as an administrator to the app > navigate to Locations > Support.

  2. Tap on (...) > Create Ticket > select type "Mail and Packages."

  3. Choose your virtual mail member in the "Users" section and type any ticket message and submit a ticket.

4. The user will receive the notification and can reply to your ticket.

5. When the pick-up is completed, the administrator changes the status to "Solved."

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