Manage offices

List available offices and assign the rented office to the company

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Your app provides a convenient way to list, track availability, and manage offices within your coworking space. This article will guide you through adding offices, assigning them to companies, and tracking their occupancy status using the app.

Add an office

To add a new office, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your app as an administrator and navigate to the Desks page. If you don't see the Desks page, enable it on Locations > Settings > Desks.

  2. On the Desks page, tap the (...) menu located in the top right corner of the screen > press Add Desk.

  3. Upload the desk cover photo and choose the "Office" type.

  4. Specify the seating capacity by typing one digit (maximum number of people who can sit here)

  5. Describe the office, including details such as the size, amenities, and link to book a tour with you.

  6. If the office is already rented, assign it to the particular company.

Disable the price by turning off "Money" and "Credits" if you do not intend to sell this office daily.

If the office is available for purchase, include instructions on how customers can contact you to rent the office in the "Description" field (e.g., add a link to book a tour via Calendly, etc.). This will help potential renters get in touch with you quickly.

Manage offices

Once the office is created, you can easily track its occupancy, edit, and remove it if necessary.


How can I organize bookings for the hybrid office?

Disable the price for the office and assign the office to a particular company. After this, your company members must book this office each time when they want to come in.

How will the company pay for the office?

The administrator creates a recurring subscription for the company and the company manager pays online via the app for invoices.

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