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Access nonmembers activity
Access nonmembers activity

This article will guide you on how to view nonmembers' bookings and any other activity in the app.

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Effortlessly monitor the activities of all users who are not members yet and connect with them to grow community.

Who are nonmembers

Nonmembers are users of your app who are not added to your locations with the "Member" and "Administrator" roles. These can be the following:

  • Users who have never been members or administrators and who book a room or a desk on demand, join public events and interact with any public content.

  • Users who were members earlier have been removed from the Community because their subscriptions ended.

View nonmembers activity

You can view nonmembers' activity on the following pages:

  • Notifications page

  • Nonmembers' profile details

  • Custom reports

Use Notifications page

Each administrator in your app receives notifications about all nonmembers' bookings enabled by default. You can always manage them on the Notifications > Notifications Settings page. You can easily see the user's name, email, booking, order, or purchase details by opening the notifications. Manage Notifications

You can view all users on the Notifications page as soon as they make a booking.

View nonmembers' profiles

If any of your users have been members or administrators in a particular location but have been removed later, you can still access their information. View nonmembers

Under the "Membership" section, you can explore the history of these users' room and desk bookings and other purchases.

Explore Analytics

You can download a list of users' activity with custom reports. Easily export detailed reports per room and desk bookings, event applications, etc., that would consolidate the users' data and booking details.

To make sure you are targeting nonmembers specifically, please cross-reference the email addresses with your current members' base and avoid duplicate or existing members.

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