Block off all rooms

By following these steps, you can easily block all your rooms in one click using andcards and Zapier integration.

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Sometimes, you need to block all rooms for a specific event or maintenance. In this article, we'll guide you on how to organize it using andcards and Zapier integration.


  • Have all your rooms added to the app's Rooms page.

  • In the Rooms page of your app panel, create a new resource named "Whole Space Booking." Configure the settings for this product as follows: set the visibility to "Administrators" and set the minimum and maximum time for bookings to 1 day. You will use this resource to make one booking that will block all the rest of the rooms.

Configure blocking all rooms

  1. Create a test room booking in your "Whole Space Booking" resource so that Zapier can run a trigger successfully.

  2. Log in to Zapier and press the Create Zap button.

  3. Configure the trigger: select andcards app, log in to your account as an administrator, and choose a "New Room Booking" trigger.

  4. In the trigger field, select the specific location and room "Whole Space Booking." Set "Include Only Confirmed Bookings" to "True" to ensure only confirmed bookings trigger the Zap.

  5. Continue and test your trigger.

  6. On the "Action" step, choose andcards again as the app and select "Create Room Booking" as the action event.

  7. Choose the exact location and one of your actual rooms. Fill out all values necessary to create a booking.

  8. Test the action, and you'll see that the booking created in the "Whole Space Booking" resource is recreated in your other room.

  9. Duplicate this Zap and adjust the room's selection in the "Action" step to cover other rooms. You need to duplicate Zap as many times as many separate rooms as you have in your app.

How integration works

When you synchronize all your rooms through Zapier, any time you book in the "Whole Space Booking" will automatically apply to other rooms that were previously synced through Zapier. In this way, you can block all rooms with one tap in case of events or holidays.

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