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Your app offers a comprehensive view of nonmembers. You can go to the Nonmembers page to access ex-member users and companies.

You can use the Nonmembers page to access:

  • Removed user profiles (full names, emails, bookings, payments, invoices, and more).

  • Removed company profiles (names, payments, invoices).

If you remove a company, it disassociates with company members. Therefore, nonmember companies do not contain users.

Who are nonmembers

Nonmembers are individual users and companies that used to belong to your location's community but have been removed.

A user could be a member of Location A and a nonmember of Location B simultaneously.

Nonmembers only see content with visibility "Public." Understand visibility

Nonmember users become active and count towards your andcards subscription only if they do something useful in the app and meet the criteria.

View nonmembers

To see all nonmembers, navigate to Locations > Community > Nonmembers. On mobile devices, tap (...) top right to reveal the Nonmembers option.

Only administrators can see the Nonmembers page. Although administrators can view credits and invoices, nonmember users and companies can neither see nor use credits and invoices. Nonmembers can only receive one-off invoices by email and pay outside the app.

Export nonmembers into a file with custom reports.

Restore nonmembers

If you have removed users or companies from Community, you can quickly recover their data later on and return them to Community.

  • To restore a company, navigate to Locations > Community > Nonmembers > select a company and tap Restore. After this, the company will reappear in the Community, and you will be able to add or invite company members.

  • To restore a user, select this user on the Nonmembers page and press Invite. Once invited, the user receives the email invitation and can access the app as a member again.

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