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Collect app ratings
Collect app ratings

Listen to the voice of your customers by collecting users' feedback about the app

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Your customers who use the app every day are the ones who share the most honest feedback. Improve your services by easily collecting all your users' ratings and comments.

Who can rate the app

All users, including members, administrators, and nonmembers logged in to the app, can rate the app and share comments.

The same users can leave an unlimited number of ratings for one app. When the same users leave additional ratings, their previous rating isn't overridden and is still available for administrators.

Rate the app

To leave a rating, users do the following:

1. Navigate to the web app > Account page (press on the user icon at the bottom left corner).

2. Scroll down to the bottom and press the Rate button.

3. Rate the app from 1☆ to 5 ☆ and leave a comment to share additional details.

4. Press Submit.

Your app helps you to collect feedback regularly. For this, from time to time, your members and nonmembers after they make any successful action in the app (e.g., a room booking) can see a survey pop-up in the app asking them to rate the app. Users can easily skip rating the app and close a window.

View ratings

Administrators can see the overall satisfaction score on the Network Settings page > "Feedback" section.

To view ratings and comments from all users, administrators go to Network Settings > Rating page and view all rating details.

Encourage users to leave rating

Understanding your users' feedback and encouraging them to leave reviews is essential since it helps you to grow your business and make better decisions by listening to the voice of your customers.

To continue, we recommend that you follow these strategies.

Make collecting feedback a regular practice

Share a link to rate the app with your customers, and remind them to leave a review about your coworking space app.

To share a link with your customers, use a URL from your web app's Account page (e.g. Please send this link to your users in the Feed post and ask them to share their opinion.

Make your customers feel heard

Remember to thank your customers for leaving a review so they feel their efforts are appreciated. For this, you can just open Network Settings > Rating page > tap on any user name who left the feedback > tap Chat button and send a quick "Thank you!" message.

Also, feel free to ask what else you'd be able to do for them to improve their experience.

Encourage happy customers to leave a public review

Your coworking space's happiest customers are its greatest advocates and often the most eager to leave more positive feedback.

Track who left five stars on your coworking space app and ask them to leave public reviews on App Store and Google Play.

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