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Maintain branded mobile apps
Maintain branded mobile apps
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Mobile apps have become crucial for coworking spaces to engage with customers and improve brand recognition. andcards team takes complete care of preparing the app, publishing it, and keeping them further updated. Meanwhile, to allow us make these changes and updates, please remember your key responsibilities to maintain the mobile apps.

Maintain Apple Developer account

We require uninterrupted access to Apple Developer to publish and update mobile apps. To provide this, the Apple Developer account's owner must have an active Apple Developer membership and regularly accept Apple Developer agreements.

Annually update Apple Developer membership

To renew the membership, keep your payment method added to Apple Developer active so that Apple can charge $99 for payment annually. In case of a failed payment, please go ahead and renew the membership as soon as possible.

If your Apple Developer membership isn't renewed, the iOS app is removed from App Store, and we can only republish it once the Apple Developer membership is active.

Accept the Apple Developer's license agreement

Once in 3-4 months, Apple Developer submits an update for their current agreement and requires account owners to accept it. To proceed, do the following:

  1. Log in as an account owner to your Apple Developer account.

  2. Navigate to Agreements > view pending agreements.

  3. Review the pending agreements and accept all of them.

If your Apple Developer membership expires or the Apple Developer's license is not accepted, we cannot publish a new version of your app due to restrictions from the Apple side. Just so you know, this may lead to the worse performance of all current apps on mobile devices due to outdated versions.

If you miss the mobile release due to any of these conditions not being followed, your app will be updated with the next mobile release.

Maintain Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Your app supports direct links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages. To successfully publish your branded mobile apps, these two pages must always be reachable and include valid information.

  • Make sure that your custom domain works successfully.

  • Add a valid text to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.

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