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Use floor plans with Archilogic
Use floor plans with Archilogic
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Integration with Archilogic enables real-time office and desk availability, and interactive floor plan booking.

The Archilogic integration is available on Essential, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Archilogic is a distinct company not affiliated with andcards. For any inquiries regarding Archilogic's solutions, services, or pricing, please reach out to Archilogic directly. andcards does not have the authority to provide information or support on behalf of Archilogic.

Integrate Archilogic

Generate Access Tokens

Follow Archilogic's guidelines to create two access tokens:




  • Token name — any value.

  • Allowed domains — two asterisk symbols **

  • Scopes — check all available options.


  • Token name — any value.

  • Scopes — check all available options.

Connect to andcards

Follow the steps below to connect the integration:

  1. Go to Locations > Settings > Archilogic and press Connect.

  2. Paste the access tokens you've created in the previous step.

  3. Press Save.

How Does Archilogic Integration Work

When you connect Archilogic, your floor plans will be auto-imported to andcards and become available to select in the Floor section of the toolbar on Locations > Desks.

Desks and offices on andcards will be automatically matched with Archilogic spaces by name.

To use interactive features, the name of an office or a desk on andcards must exactly match Space name attribute on Archilogic. Not the Asset name or any other attribute.

The floor plan is interactive, and matched spaces have the following features:

  • Green fill — the space is available at the selected time.

  • Red fill — the space is assigned to a company (visible to administrators only).

  • Gray fill — the space is already booked, or the selected day is unavailable.

Users can tap on the associated space on the floor plan to open the booking page.

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