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Sync external bookings from LiquidSpace
Sync external bookings from LiquidSpace
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LiquidSpace is a marketplace platform for companies to book workspaces and meeting rooms on demand.

You can integrate LiquidSpace with andcards via Google Calendar.

  • When an external booking is made, LiquidSpace will create a record on Google Calendar, which will sync into andcards.

  • LiquidSpace will always double-check meeting room availability before a booking is made.

  • For LiquidSpace, it takes about 15 minutes to pull the reservations from the Google Calendar and about 90 days out.

  • For andcards, the Google Calendar booking sync is in real-time.

  • andcards does not support recurring reservations. If someone books a series on LiquidSpace, you will receive an alert in andcards Notifications.

How to Enable LiquidSpace Integration

Follow the steps below to activate the LiquidSpace integration.

  1. Connect and configure Google Calendar integration.

  2. Grant "make changes to events" permission to [email protected] for the calendars you wish to sync with LiquidSpace. Guideline from LiquidSpace

  3. Send Calendar ID and Public URL to [email protected] asking to enable andcards integration.

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