Invite a user
To access member-only parts of your app, invite your customers to the particular location.
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Invite members of your location who pays for a regular individual or company subscription as users of your app.

There are several ways to invite users to your location.

Individual Invite (manual)

Send individual invitations by following the steps below:

1. Open the Community page and press Invite User in the top right corner.

2. Fill in the details and press Send Invitation. The user will receive an email to activate the account. If no email comes, ask them to check the Spam folder.

Mass Invite (manual)

Upload a Microsoft Excel file to invite multiple users at once. This method is best for inviting large quantities of users.

Prepare to mass invite

  1. Go to Community and create all the companies you have. Skip this step if you only have individual users.

  2. Download the mass invite file from your web app: Community > (...) menu in the top right corner > Invite Multiple Users. Tap on the Download Template button.

Upload mass invite

  • In the sample file, copy-paste your users' personal information. If a user belongs to a company, take the Company ID from the app and add it to the relevant column in the sample file. To find a Company ID, open a company in the app and check the browser address bar for an extended code following the "/companies/" tag.

  • Press Upload File to upload the file you filled in.

If the file doesn't contain any errors, all members receive an email to activate the account.

Membership Request Approval

Users can request to join a location or invite coworkers. New users open your app and tap the Request to join button. When there's a new request to join a location, administrators receive a notification. Review membership requests by following the steps below:

  1. Open Community > Requests.

  2. Select the pending request to join.

  3. Press Approve or Reject. In either case, a user will be notified of your decision.

Company members can invite their coworkers via the Membership > Members page under their company name.

Zapier (automated)

Build a custom registration flow for your users or connect a CRM to invite users automatically. andcards offers Invite Member action and Find or Create Member search on Zapier to let you invite members automatically by passing personal information from any other app. See examples of automation here.

API (automated)

Build your own integration by using our public API.

Once all users are invited, start their onboarding and activation. Watch the andcards webinar to get all tips:

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