Customize the landing page
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Your app comes with a landing page that works like your marketing site, featuring your brand, locations, and mobile apps. It includes:

  • Logo

  • Description

  • Locations

  • Public product and services CTAs (Sign Up, Rooms, Desks, etc).

  • QR code and app store badges for mobile apps

The landing page is generated automatically based on the information you added to the application. No coding or graphic editing is required!

Access the landing page

Go to the root of your custom domain to access the landing page. Here are some examples for your inspiration:

Customize the landing page


Customize your web app by adding the logo, description that appears below "Welcome to ...", and the accent color for buttons. The landing page title, description, and colors can be customized on the (...) More > Network Settings page by the owner.

The image slide show takes images from the Information page of your locations.

Set up the custom domain name if you want the landing page to use your own domain name instead of

Our Locations

Update each location's Information page with the address and the cover photo.

Create membership plans and enable the "Sign Up" property for "Sign Up" CTAs to appear for each location.

Public Pages

To make some pages appear under the location's name on the landing page, enable them and set up page visibility to the "Public" option. Everybody will access these pages.

Rooms, desks, events, and other app content visibility settings are available in content editing mode. For example, if you add a room, set its visibility to "Public" so that everyone can see this room after navigating to the Rooms page.

Mobile Apps

Order your mobile apps for the app store badges to appear.

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