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Automate accounting with Xero
Automate accounting with Xero
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The Xero integration is currently in beta. Please try it and send your feedback to [email protected].

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. You can sync invoices to Xero automatically for seamless accounting of your revenue.

Enable the Xero integration

To connect Xero, do the following:

  1. Go to Locations > Settings > Xero and press Connect.

  2. Grant access to the Xero organization where to sync invoices.

  3. Select the same Xero organization from the "Organization" dropdown.

You must have an active Xero account to integrate it with andcards.

Configure the Xero integration

The integration automatically and in real-time creates draft invoices on Xero for one-off and auto-invoices as soon as they are issued in the app.

One-off transactions such as room bookings, desk bookings, event tickets, credit packages, and shop products, are not synched to Xero.

The invoice on andcards:

The invoice draft automatically created on Xero:

The integration completes and matches Xero invoices with the data available on andcards:

  • "To" field matching by the user or company name

  • Due date

  • Issue date

  • Invoice number

  • Currency

  • Tax type (inclusive or exclusive)

  • Item description

  • Item quantity

  • Item price

  • Account (Revenue 200 - Sales)

  • Tax rate (if the same rate found on Xero; manage tax rates)

  • PDF attachment of the invoice generated by andcards

  • The "Go to andcards" link to the corresponding invoice on andcards

The Xero invoices are saved as drafts for your review and approval.

Once the integration is connected, newly-issued invoices will sync to Xero. Past invoices are not synched to Xero.

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