Configure the location schedule
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The system offers flexibility and customization to accomodate your coworking space's business hours for booking rooms and desks.

Access the Schedule

The location's schedule defines when rooms and desks can be booked by users. The same schedule applies to all rooms and desks.

  1. Navigate to Locations > Settings > General.

  2. Scroll down to the "Schedule" section.

Default Schedule

The default schedule applies to all users.

  1. Within the "Business Hours" section, you'll find the "Default" schedule.

  2. Tap on the "Default" to reveal the settings and select the desired From/Until times and days.

  3. Press Save.

Public Schedule

If required, you can enable a separate schedule for nonmembers. The public schedule can be configured separately from the default schedule. The public schedule allows you to differentiate the booking times between members and nonmembers. For instance, you could let members book 24/7, while nonmembers can only book when the front desk is staffed.

  1. Tap on Enable Public Schedule.

  2. Configure the public schedule's settings, such as available times and days.

  3. Save your changes to activate the public schedule.

To disable the public schedule, just turn the "Public Schedule" switch off.

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