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Issue one-off invoice
Issue one-off invoice

Your app allows to create and send one-off invoices

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Before sending the invoice, ensure you enable invoicing in your location.

Learn how to set up invoicing and payments in our YouTube video.

Send one-off invoice

1. Go to Community and select a user/company.

2. Go to Invoices and press Create Invoice top right and confirm your choice.

Tap Create Item and specify the name, unit price, custom tax rate (if needed), and quantity > Create.

Manually created invoices use today's date and the following available sequence number.

To issue the invoice, create an item and press Issue.

If the user already has a default payment method, then you'll see Issue and charge button and can charge for the full invoice amount right away.

If you need to send the invoices automatically on a regular basis, create a subscription.

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