Edit users' information

It's important to be mindful of personal contact details. In this article, you can learn how to edit your users' information.

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User information can be divided into three distinct categories:

Personal information

User's name, email, phone number, "About" field, and privacy settings

Membership information

Billing details, subscription, company, credits balance, and bookings

Administrator's notes

Additional details about a user visible only to your team

Edit users' information as an administrator

Since users are completely responsible for their personal information, only they are able to edit it. How users manage their accounts
Administrators can only view the user's personal information by opening a user's profile on the Community page.

If you invited your member with the wrong email, you need to remove the member profile and reinvite again by stating the new email. To remove your member, go to Community > open a member > tap "Delete." After this, send a new invitation.

Administrators, however, can manage user's membership information.

Administrator's notes

We recommend using the "Notes" field to add all the additional details you want to keep visible only to your team. For example, specify the member's unique needs for the office, attach the link to the contract with a member, etc.

To manage the notes, go to Community > "Users" tab > Choose the specific user you wish to add a note for > Locate the "Notes" field and enter the necessary information.


How can I see the user's personal information?

If an administrator needs to see the user's email or phone number, navigate to the Community page > open a user's profile > hover over the Email or Call button. The user's email or phone number will appear next to this button, and by right-clicking, administrators can easily copy them.

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