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Explore the various metrics available on the Analytics page and highlight the valuable insights they provide

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The Analytics page in your app serves as a comprehensive dashboard that provides key performance indicators and metrics for your workspace. This powerful tool enables you to track and analyze important data points such as invoices, revenue, room, desk bookings, and much more.

View Analytics

  1. Log in to your app as an administrator.

  2. Open the Locations > Analytics page.

Analytics Overview

  • Community: provides the number of individual users and companies within your workspace community.

  • Subscriptions: allows you to monitor your active subscriptions and provides details on the number of members with subscriptions. You can analyze popular subscription periods and identify the most popular subscription plans in terms of quantity and revenue.

  • Revenue: provides detailed statistics on the revenue generated by each service you offer.

Please note that when referring to the Revenue page for the "Subscriptions" source, your app considers all invoices issued within a specific month, regardless of their payment status. So even if the invoice is unpaid, but is already issued, it's counted into the revenue of the month when it was issued.

  • Invoices: you can track trends in your business, such as growth patterns and the status of invoices (paid, unpaid, or not ready), and see the revenue for the paid invoices received.

  • Rooms: offers valuable information on room bookings, revenue generated per room, bookings by payment method, bookings by status, average total booking duration, and overall revenue.

  • Desks: provides insights into desk bookings, revenue generated per desk, bookings by payment method, bookings by status, and overall revenue.

  • Feed: showcases statistics on posts, likes, and comments, and provides a graphical representation of activity trends by day.

  • Events: displays the status of all events, and their revenue, and provides insights into attendees by status, and payment method.

  • Benefits: quantifies the number of benefits and applications.

  • Shop: tracks the number of products available in your shop, revenue gained, and orders by type, and payment method.

  • Visitors: offers insights into visits by type, and requests by status with the graphical representations of these data points.

  • Support: allows you to track tickets by type and status.

Export Data from Analytics

All the data available on the Analytics page can be downloaded at any time using custom reports. By following the instructions provided in the article: create custom reports, you can generate and access detailed reports tailored to your specific needs.


What is the best way to track app usage?

The best way to track app usage is by regularly visiting the Analytics page. This page provides valuable insights into the number of bookings and payments, allowing you to monitor usage patterns and trends over time. By reviewing the data on the Analytics page, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how your users are utilizing your app. This information can help you make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement or optimization within your app.

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