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Your app supports a hybrid office solution for companies that have many employees and want to utilize the office space efficiently since not all of them work in the office every day. Hybrid office allows companies to:

  • Save on costs by renting a smaller office.

  • Provide employees with a convenient on-demand seat booking system.

  • Get a single consolidated invoice each month.

How to add a hybrid office

  1. Add an office without any monetary or credit price.

  2. Create a company that rents this office.

  3. Assign the office to the company that rents it to make it visible to and bookable by exclusively the employees of this company.

  4. Inform the company about their office and provide instructions on how to use it.

A hybrid office can be assigned to one or several companies.

How a hybrid office works

The hybrid office setup provides employees with the flexibility to decide on which days they work from the office and book seats for themselves on demand.

Each company user can do the following:

  • Book a desk in the office for themselves for free on the desired day.

  • See how many seats are booked for a particular day.

Administrators cannot see the availability of seats in the hybrid office. Only the members of the assigned company can see it. If there is more than one company assigned, each of them will see the availability of the seats.

  • Check which of their coworkers are also going to work from the office, by following a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Offices page > tap the list button top right.

  2. Check the bookings for the desired date.

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