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Assign rooms and desks to the companies
Assign rooms and desks to the companies

Dedicate rooms, desks and offices to a particular company.

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You can assign different app products such as rooms and desks to particular companies. It means that only the assigned company is able to book this product.

When to use the assignment

  • When a particular company rents the whole meeting room monthly and needs to organize bookings for their company members.

  • When a company needs a hybrid office and company members book the seats in the office daily.

  • When you need to track the office occupancy and assign the rented office to the company to see what's taken and what's available.

If no company is assigned to the room or office, the visibility settings you have configured will be followed. This means that the room or office will be visible to the users based on the visibility settings.

Assign rooms and offices

  1. Create a product that you need to assign (add a room or add a desk).

  2. Create a company to which you need to assign a particular product.

  3. Navigate to the Locations page > go to the Rooms or Desks page.

  4. Locate the specific product that you wish to assign and click on the information icon ⓘ. This will open a detailed view of the room or desk.

  5. Within the product description, find an "Assignment" section and click on it to select the company. You can assign one or several companies to one product.

Once the room or desk is assigned to the company, it becomes available for bookings only for this company.

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