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Create a membership plan
Create a membership plan
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A membership plan, or simply "plan," is a static product you offer customers. Typically plans are used to organize:

  • Monthly Hot Desk

  • Fixed Desk

  • Office

... and other types of products you offer.

Create a plan

  1. Go to Locations > Community > (...) menu top right > Plans. Or select the Plans page right below Community on the left-side panel in the web app.

2. Create new plans by pressing + sign top right:

  • Plan Name — type any text for your reference. The plan name will appear on the Community overview and invoice transactions.

  • Period — the interval of plan validity. Can be either 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 month, or 1 year.

  • Description — a user-friendly explanation of what is included in the plan. The description is shown when people sign up for plans.

  • Price — the membership fee for the period. Invoicing must be enabled in Settings for this option to show up.

  • Sign Up — allow all users to subscribe for the plan.

  • Credits — the number of temporary credits that will be given to a company every period. These credits expire at the end of every period. Credits must be enabled in Settings for this option to show up.

  • Discount — offer a lower price to book rooms and desks and purchase event tickets and services.

  • Kisi Group — grant access to a certain Kisi group for as long as a plan is active.

  • SALTO KS Group - grant access to a certain SALTO KS group for as long as a plan is active.

3. Tap Create

4. All the plans added will become available for creating the subscription and plan sign-up.


How to create a custom plan for one customer?

Start creating the subscription for your customer, keep "Custom" in the "Plan" section and manually type the plan name, and price, and fill out other necessary fields.

Can I add Day Pass under the Plans?

Plans are used for creating repeating subscriptions. Since Day Pass is a one-off booking, create it under the Desks page.

How a plan is different from a desk?

The plan defines the static product which several of your members can use at the same time and which is used for the repeating subscription. For example, a plan for one month in the Open Space or a monthly plan for Dedicated Desk. A desk in your app is a physical resource that can be rented on-demand and only by one person at the same time. That is why, if you offer something for a long-term rental (weekly, monthly, etc.), create it as a plan. Daily desk options must be sold via the Desks page.

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